Course: “Primary Cause – Buddha Nature” Khenpo Gyalcen Zangpo, October, 17-23.


The “Primary Cause – Buddha Nature” Course will be taught by the High Buddhist Scholar Khenpo Gyalcen Zangpo at the Bodhi Path Center in Belgrade from October 17-23, 2019.

Buddha nature is the primary cause or”seed” for one to attain Buddhahood. Without that cause, no matter how much effort one made, there would not be any progress. For example, on a farm, if there is no seed, no matter how much one cultivates and fertilizes, nothing will grow. But if there is a seed, the primary cause, then the seed will sprout when it meets the right contributory causes and eventually it will bear fruit. Similarly, even though all sentient beings are completely permeated with Buddha-nature, the seed of enlightenment, success depends on the individual, If one doesn’t apply the necessary causes, it will take some time to manifest the desired result. To illustrate this another way, the mustard seed is permeated by oil.
There is no difference between the oil in the seed and that in the jar. One is not better than the other. But until it is actually produced from the mustard seed, it cannot be called “oil.” In order to produce the oil, all the necessary causes and conditions are required: first one must know that there is oil in the mustard seed, then know how to extract the oil, and finally know how to apply effort properly. Through that, one will get oil. Similarly, even though all sentient beings are permeated with Buddha-nature, we cannot be called “Buddha” until we actualize Buddhahood.

What is the significance of the fact that all sentient beings are permeated by Buddha-nature? It means that no matter how ruthless one may be, one still has some loving-kindness and compassion, at least toward one’s own family.Our Buddha-nature cannot be completely obscured, so we all must have the potential to progress toward and to fully manifest Buddhahood.

(Taken from “ Jewel Ornament of Liberation” by Gampopa, transalted by Khenpo Konchong Gyaltsen Rinoiche, p. 18)

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Khenpo Gyalcen Zangpo

Khenpo Gyaltsen Yangpo was born in 1973. When he was 12 years old, he entered Meri monastery (Kham, Tibet) where he learned writing and reading. When he was 18 years old, he stayed in retreat for 6 years, in a retreat center dedicated to Naropa’s 6 yogas, After that, from 1995 to1999, he was intendant of the principal monks and retreat masters at Meri and
Tashi Nyishar monasteries (Kham, Tibet).
When he was 26 years old, he received from Khenpo Arik Dza, the Trilogy of natural ease (ngal gso skor gsum) of Longchenpa and other teachings. After that he received transmissions of Tengyur, Mikyö Dorje’s collection of teachings, Three tantras of inner investigation, indian scriptures on Mahamudra, Gampopa’s collection of teachings, from one of Jamgön Pelden
Khyentse Özer’s closest disciple.
He studied at Zurmang Shedra (Kham, Tibet), fromin 2001 and 2002 and then studied traditional buddhist’ scriptures in Dzongsar Shedra (India) until 2011.
When he was 38 years old, he was appointed as principal khenpo of Diwakar Shedra (Kalimpong, India).
Since 2017 he has been appointed as director of Sharminub Monastery.

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