Bodhi Path Belgrade

is part of a network of Bodhi Path Centers and Groups, founded and managed by XIV Shamar Rinpoche (1952-2014), one of the holders of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. The Bodhi Path was founded with a non-sectarian approach, which means that it is open to anyone interested in Buddhism and Buddhist meditation, regardless of religious affiliation and spiritual orientation. The basic Buddhist practice practiced in the Bodhi Path is Lojong – Mind Training.

Lodjong is a method recognized by Shamar Rinpoche as most appropriate for modern people, as it provides the opportunity for comprehensive work with the Mind in the conditions of hectic everyday life. At the Bodhi Path Belgrade, everyone interested, whether Buddhist or not, can receive quality instruction in Buddhist meditation called “Shine” (Calm Abiding Meditation) and other Buddhist practices and teachings.
On average, three times a year we are visited by Bodhi Path Lamas and Dharma Teachers who hold Courses on specific topics in accordance with the Bodhi Path Curriculum. More information at and


“Shine” (Calm Abiding Meditation)

Once a week we gather for group meditation (temporarily cancelled). Please find Address in the Contact.

Participation is free for all interested in Buddhism and Buddhist Practice, regardless of the religious affiliation and spiritual orientation.


Acharya Tenzing Wangpo in Belgrade, March 7-9, 2020. (Completed)

The teaching that Wangpo will give us is on the subject – The Four Bases of Mindfulness. The Practice of Contemplation (or as we would say, meditating on) The Four Basics – Body, Feelings,Mind and Phenomena is recommended for people at all levels of the spiritual path. How’s the Buddha explained this applies to all practitioners who have become interested in Buddhist path, monks and nuns, even archates, advanced meditators who have already freed themselves of suffering.

Please register by email to book your place in time !

“Primary Cause – Buddha Nature” Khenpo Gyalcen Zangpo, October,17-23. (completed)

Buddha nature is the primary cause or”seed” for one to attain Buddhahood. Without that cause, no matter how much effhort one made, there would not be any progress. For example, on a farm, if there is no seed, no matter how much one cultivates and fertilizes, nothing will grow. But if there is a seed, the primary cause, then the seed will sprout when it meets the right contributory causes and eventually it will bear fruit. Similarly, even though all sentient beings are completely permeated with Buddha-nature, the seed of enlightenment, success depends on the individual. More >>

“Five Aggregates” (completed)

Belgrade Bodhi Path hosted from 23 -26. May 2019. Lama Sarkar kDorje who has been teaching about nature and functioning of our Ego, what is this what we call “Me”, and what is it, with this “Me”identifies…..

This is one of the basic Buddha teachings about Five Scandhas or Aggregates, with whom starts serial of teachings within Bodhi Path Curiculum, established by late XIV Shamar Rinpoche. This serial will take place continuously in following period in Belgrade Bodhi Path Center. More >>

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