12 linkova međuzavisnosti

BP Belgrade Study Session 8: no-self – 12 links

Dear all,

Please begin chapter 6 of What the Buddha Taught, and read through the 12 Links of…. what? Conditioned Genesis? Interdependent Arising? Interdependence?
… up to and including the paragraph on Free Will (ending with …even the very idea of Free Will is not free from conditions).

How do we define Interdependence in this context? Why is this a revolutionary teaching?

For those who read English and would like to explore further, I would suggest this text: http://nitarthainstitute.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Twelve_Links_DPR.pdf
It is a very complete and concise explanation of the 12 Links as we traditionally study them in Tibetan Buddhism.

Perhaps some of you would be willing to pick ONE link and present it on October 30 when we next meet?

What do you think of the question of Free Will? It’s always been a very hot topic in philosophy and religion. Personal opinions welcome.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and hard work! And have fun with Khenpo Gyaltsen Zangpo.

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